Yaseera + Mahomed

The art of being a wedding videographer is using what you have and creating something spectacular with it. Sometimes this task can be a rather challenging one but in some cases, like the wedding of Yaseera and Mahomed, it is an effortless creation! The Hauke team recently made their way to one of the biggest and most elaborate weddings in a while, the wedding of Yaseera and Mahomed. This fierce and extremely good-looking couple recently got married at the Pretoria Showgrounds. You might think what an odd location for a wedding, but what Yaseera did with this venue left us speechless. She transformed a showground hall into a high-end wedding venue that left us staring at every detail! Yaseera is extremely beautiful, sincere, soft and she communicated with the camera in a remarkable fashion. Once we realized what we were working with we simply could not get enough! We are very proud of this clip as it gave us the opportunity to really push our creativity to another level. We also have to thank the work of the impeccable Ryan Graham as he always accommodates the Hauke team exceptionally well and we just love working with this genius talent! We wish Yaseera and Mahomed a blessed marriage and sincerely thank them for giving us the opportunity to be part of this elaborate occasion!

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