Daniel + Kezia

There is an obsession that comes with being in love. The obsession with one another, to know one another and to be with one another. At the wedding of Kezia and Daniel we were mesmerised by this exact emotion between these two. Daniel smiled from ear to ear and he could not stop telling Kezia how much he loves her. Sam Scarborough made Kezia look even more beautiful.

Their wedding was at the beautiful Shepstone Gardens. Our day as Videographers, was effortless, stunning and satisfying. By effortless I mean, we did not have to think about our shots, as this couple felt every moment and they are both so appealing. We loved filming your wedding guys and thank your for making us part of it. Jack and Jane Photography captured the day and we love working with this husband and wife team. Professional, fun and extremely creative. It’s days like this, that makes us love what we do.


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