Ludwick + Janette

The African landscape has not yet experienced a wedding this spectacular! From the moment the Hauke team left Pretoria for the African wildlife and adventure we could not believe our eyes. Janette and Ludwick dreamt big when they started planning their wedding and this courageous bride would not be happy with anything less. The couple got married at one of the (soon to be) most prestigious boutique hotels and lodges this country has ever seen. Palala Boutique Hotel and Lodge is not your ordinary African lodge next to a dried up river leading nowhere. This brand new venue promises to provide an everlasting impression and set world-class trends. Janette and Ludwick had the honour to be the first couple to get married at this tremendous venue and they surely set the bar high. Hauke feels so honoured to have been part of this couple’s special day. Andre Malan who also had some expectations to fill captured the day and he surely did a tremendous job. Together with awesome suppliers such as Zoo Sound and Andre M Photography, Hauke created one of their most spectacular products. We wish this couple a grounded and eternal marriage.

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