Jorge + Tiffany

Usually, we meet our clients before the wedding to make sure they know who we are what we do and that we all ‘gel well’ :) Not in this case, the couple just booked and from the emails we got we knew this is going to be an amazing couple. Firstly, the couple and their friends kept on saying “you guys are the best in the industry”, which we were flattered by, but the pressure was on. When we arrived at Oakfield farm, which is one of our favorite venues, and we finally meet the couple. We knew this is going to be a masterpiece and should be displayed at the Louvre…ok, (I stole this line from a song but I mean it.) I guess, the couple was every cinematographers dream, good looking, every angle is perfect and they were in love more than I’ve seen nowadays. We are especially honored that couples have started to realize how important a perfect memory is and our slogan: Pictures capture moments, we capture EVERYTHING, is finally spreading :) The event was perfectly organized by Lorna from Wedding Emporium.¬†You could see professionals were busy doing their magic. We never mention DJ’s unless they are as brilliant as AV Emporium, wow, the lighting of the hall and the sound quality. It was mind-blowing! George & Tiffany made sure to only choose the best. George’s speech must have been the best groom speech we have ever heard, in fact, one of the camera operators spared a tear, which of course we teased him for afterwards :) Before I forget, George’s sister Selene was amazing, she was so helpful and there is nothing cooler than a bridesmaid who is taking her job serious, gotta love it! The party was heating up and you could see everybody had the time of their lives, might be a cheesy line, but hey the couple started doing the dirty dancing lift…Alright, I must admit, this actually was one the highlights of the evening…the amazing opening dance….Guys, congratulations, thanks for giving us the footage of a lifetime.

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