Howard + Megan

The Jewish culture is one of support, friendship and camaraderie. Every time that we, as Hauke, get the opportunity to film a Jewish wedding, we are overwhelmed by their respect, sincerity and gratitude. That being said, we love Jewish weddings! Megan and Howard kept their wedding close to home and got married in Megan’s parents garden in Houghton. The perfect choice for this couple and the way they planned worked out perfectly. Now this is not your ordinary couple, we have not seen so much energy and optimism flow out of two people like Howard and Megan. Howard is a clear favorite amongst his peers, everybody shouted his name during the wedding, “Howie Howie Howie”… and the beautiful Megan could not keep her excitement to herself. This day was simply special, fun and exciting.

The perfect photographer for this couple was the one and only, Alexander Smith, a fun and exciting character in his own right, and what a magnificent artist! We had so much fun and thank you for making us part of this day…


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