Hagop + Ashley

If you walk into the bridal suite you usually get a good, energetic but nervous vibe from the bride or bridesmaid. Well, let me tell you guys, this one was different. When we walked into this room it was one big party! Club music was playing, girls walked around in towels, one prettier than the other…. I needed to concentrate because it felt like I was in a movie! I had to start working, which wasn’t easy in this case:) Needless to say the bride, Ashley was more than beautiful. It’s just pretty girls everywhere! On the other side of the building the groom and his groomsmen (7 of them, or more…it was a lot :)) had a barber shop session with a full shave and clean hair cut. The crowd was rocking and Hagop showed us his magic moves on the dance floor. Wow!! Another party! Our studio buddy Christiaan David took their photos, job well done as usual. The photos are chic, glamorous and timeless.

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