Brent + Vikki

Some of the most emotional and festive celebrations are definitely at jewish Weddings. We had the honor to be part of Brent & Vikki’s most special day and we are speechless :) Lets quickly rewind, we certainly knew right from the start that we wanted to be part of this wedding. When Vikki and her mom visited our studio, they were so enthusiastic, kind, friendly and down to earth. Another great bonus was that Vikki is absolutely beautiful, so we knew this is going to be our flagship jewish wedding. Meeting the rest of her and Brent’s family just confirmed our positive thoughts. Needless to say the entire day was perfect from start to end. Everybody made us feel so welcome and the shots we got were just out of this world amazing. I just need to quickly mention this, Vikki’s mom is phenominal, and when I heard all the speeches and what was said about her, I totally agree! I don’t want to single out anybody because everybody was just great. After filming hundreds of weddings we kind of toughened up and our emotions very seldom come through, but this wedding definitely ignited a hidden spark in our team. Everybody was in a hype and thats what it’s all about. Vikki looked like a modern, haute-couture Ballerina (absolutely mind blowing). We actually felt like we were in a movie, which is kind of ironic as we make movies :). I guess I felt it the most since I was with the bridal party the entire day and I was surrounded by Jo-burgs most beautiful girls :) To sum up, it was a wedding with flair, emotions and values. In short, it was a celebration, as it should be!

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