Avni & Amish

At Hauke we recently made two very good friends, two of the busiest yet inspiring photographers you will ever meet. That is of course the husband-and-wife team from Designer Photo. When Avni and Amish’s wedding day arrived we packed our bags and left for the beautiful Summer Place in Sandton. We love filming Indian weddings, the sounds, the colours and the atmospheres are like no other. We are always amazed when we film the ceremonies as they are filled with symbolism and richness. Avni was a laughing sensation on the day, her friendliness cannot be compared and she was such a pleasure to be around. Amish moved to the USA a couple of years ago and even though when they were on different continents, they still stood strong . It’s exactly then when Amish decided that he wants Avni by his side forever. It was a lovely day, one filled with laughter and tears of joy, especially when Avni had to greet her sister. The Indian people are very family orientated, and that is why we love being around them even more. We wish you well guys, and thank you for making us part of your day.

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