Akshay + Smita

2011 was the year of the Royal Wedding in the UK but South Africa had their “own” Royal Wedding, the event of the year. Akshay & Smita’s wedding was the ultimate and greatest wedding we have seen. The guest list was endless, the atmosphere was mind blowing and the people were just amazing. We had the honor to be part of all 3 days to capture the moments of this wonderful wedding. We almost feel part of the family now since we spent so much time with their family and they made us feel so comfortable. There are a million things I can say about the wedding and how great it was but we are visual people and express ourselves in our films. There are 3 clips of this wonderful wedding, the actual wedding, hurdee ceremony & mendhi ceremony. Each day was special and a new experience for us. On the wedding day we revealed the music video we shot with the couple and it was a huge success, mainly because the couple were amazing actors. They did a brilliant job! The suppliers were all the top suppliers in the country which made us feel very special. Our friend from Cape Town Jean-Pierre Uys¬†took their amazing photos, well he is a world class photographer and its always great working with him.

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